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Properties and real estate limited company was established to be an extension for Al Rashed companies with over 50 years of experience, that is well Known for it's knowledge and expertise in managing and developing  projects for more than 15 million sqm. The real estate department is represented by (Properties & Real Estate) Ltd company as one of the leading real estate companies in Saudi Arabia, where it provides real estate project development services from land plans or residential / commercial complexes. Our team has a wide knowledge in the real estate market in Saudi Arabia, with the ability to meet the expectations of the owners and the investors and serve the Saudi economy. We are Real Estate specialists in property development. We work hand-in-hand to select the best locations and deliver trustworthy services with true value to clients and partners alike. Quality and innovation in our properties attract investors with whom we grow and pull ahead of our competitors.

Ibhar Albena Real Estate Co.

With over 40 years of experience, Al Rashed company runs and operates more than one million sqm of residential compounds, commercial centers and storage spaces. Looking at the market evolution and increase in the competition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the group of companies decided the necessity of a Specialized company in Property and utilities Management, so IBHAR ALBENA company was founded. The company's main focus is on Managing, Marketing and Operating commercial properties, holding in it many years of expertise and professionalism to be on of the most distinguished in the real estate market.

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