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Where we are today is part of a journey spanning decades. A journey that began with a vision and a commitment to build better.

Marking the first step, Saudi Vetonit began operating in 1981 through a joint venture with a Finish company. 5 years after that, a partnership program with a German company, helped establish Insuwrap, a renowned waterproofing membranes manufacturer.

The breakthrough came in 1991 when RAR Group fully acquired Saudi Vetonit and founded Saveto Group, the exclusive owner of the Vetonit brand in the MENA region.

Years ahead, Saveto Group expanded to encompass plants, factories, and subsidiaries in Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, The UAE & Jordan. In addition to inaugurating a state-of-the-art R&D centre in Riyadh and an advanced plant in Rabigh.

Since then, we have made significant investments in research and development, branding, value chain control, and sustainability delivering value around innovation, quality, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

As of now, that commitment continues to drive our relentless dedication to excellence and our ambition to strengthen our footprint across the region in pursuit of a better-built world.

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