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Al Rashed Food Company has developed the Yaumi brand to provide individuals with the opportunity to enjoy the quality and taste of Al Rashed bread at home, work, or any place of their choosing. The Yaumi brand is made with the finest ingredients and high-quality standards to demonstrate our concern for our consumers and provide them with the most enjoyable experiences when eating our products.

We distribute fresh Yaumi brand products daily through our fleet, which covers KSA regions and UAE. Yaumi brand products can be found in small and medium-sized groceries, as well as large supermarkets such as Panda, Othaim, Carrefore, Danub, Bin Dawood, Farm, Raya, Lulu, and others. Our range of products includes sliced bread, burger buns, puff pastries, sliced cake, pound cake, cupcakes, tortilla bread, and more.

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