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Saudi Vetonit Company Limited (SAVETO)

SAVETO is the leading manufacturer of Dry Mix finishing materials and Construction Chemicals in the MENA region, operating 12 factories with 31 production lines throughout Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, & Jordan.

SAVETO’s focus on the MENA region enabled the company to be the leading manufacturer in the region. SAVETO offers premium quality products that are best in class when it comes to compatibility with the different climate conditions. Our distribution network, sales offices, technical support, and customer services cover all areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GCC countries, Middle East, and North Africa. SAVETO Group provides the ultimate formula of success through servicing the construction market in four-core Business Units:

  • SAVETO Retail Business Unit
  • SAVETO Projects Business Unit
  • SAVETO Construction Chemical Business Unit
  • SAVETO Thermal Plasters Business Unit

 We boast state-of-the-art production facilities, incorporating the most modern machinery

to ensure the highest quality standards of the Saveto products and to meet the growing demand for these quality products in the area. SAVETO factories are equipped with technical laboratories to carry all QC activities and R&D facilities, working with the top technology suppliers for continuous product development.

Our SAVETO range of products includes Tiling Systems, Plasters & Masonry Systems, Renders & Finishes Systems, Flooring Systems, Concrete Repairs & Grouts, Wala & Façade Systems, Interior & Exterior Coatings, Thermal Insulation Systems, Bonding Agents, Water-Proofing Materials, in addition to the different Epoxies.

The various manufacturing sites help in conserving SAVETO’s strategy of manufacturing environment-friendly products where building materials are being extracted and manufactured locally as close as possible to the building site, in order to minimize the energy embedded in their transportation and to supply pre-mixed components manufactured off-site ready to be used in the construction.

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P. O. Box 52235, Riyadh 11563, Saudi Arabia